Service is Fantastic, Susie Crow

After having some issues with a radiator, I was at my wit's end and wanted my car fixed once and for all. I had to take my car to a well known repair shop FIVE times in 6 weeks for the same problem and had to leave it each time. I was incredibly frustrated but they did finally fix it after five attempts. A week later I had an unrelated issue and all I could think was "not again".  I didn't know where to turn and as luck would have it, I met Jeramiah that same day at a business function. We started talking and he gave me some ideas what he thought it could be and suggested that I bring it in so he could take a look at it. When I told him where it was and I would get it there he said "no problem, we can pick it up!". He fixed it within 24 hours and it was a minimal charge. After my earlier experience, I was convinced that it would be a major repair and a long drawn out process. Much to my surprise, it was quick, easy and an inexpensive repair! Woo who, I am a happy camper! So Jeramiah, I am happy to recommend you to everyone! You are honest and take customer service to a whole new level. What really left an impression on me was when I picked it up early in the morning, you said "if I would have known you were on your way, we would have warmed it up for you". Seriously, Customer Service should be your middle name.

Thanks so much for helping me out!

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