Oxygen Sensor

At Jeremiah's Automotive in Heath, OH, our goal is to keep your car, truck, or SUV reliable and in great shape. To us, it’s important that we’re paying attention to both your needs and the needs of your vehicle. When it comes to oxygen sensors, sometimes it seems a bit nebulous on what they actually do and why they’re important; we’re here to clear things up for you.

They fixed my HHR. It runs even better; it is like driving a whole different car. Thank you Jeremiah's for a wonderful job. I will bring my car back to you in the future. - Peach A. (5 star review on Google)

mechanic working on car

Once you know what's in your transmission, and what’s connected to it, it’s much easier to understand how it works. Let's take a look at how it all comes together. At Jeremiah's Automotive in Heath, OH, we want to make sure you know how your car works so you can keep it in great condition.


Once you’ve got your new tires installed on your diesel truck, you’ll want to keep them in good shape. Tires aren’t difficult to maintain, and maintaining them correctly will dramatically increase their longevity. Inspection and maintenance are the two key components to making sure they last.

Hearing from the local dealership that we needed a new engine due to lifter failure with the #8 exhaust lobe was bad enough. Then the situation was made even worse when the dealership told us that it would be 4 - 6 weeks before the job could be completed due to back orders nationwide for similar failures. Weighing all the financial options, including whether to even keep our vehicle, we decided to go with a Jasper engine. This led us to Jeremiah's Automotive. Every aspect of this major expense was handled in a professional manner. Also, we had our car back in less than a week. With as much as I like this vehicle (it truly is my dream car) along with being repeatedly told that it still looks like new, I'm so happy and thankful that Jeremiah's Automotive resolved this situation. - Kathy B. (5 star review on Google)

They went above and beyond. They really helped me out with my CRV and gave me a loaner car to drive to and from work. - Sara W. (5 star review on Google)

Mechanic working on car

With all fleets and commercial vehicles, there comes a time you have to decide - do we fix this vehicle, or replace it? At Jeremiah's Automotive in Heath, OH, we’re here to help you figure that out.


Once you’ve determined a vehicle needs to have the engine replaced and is in good enough shape to keep on the team, it’s time to find an engine. Jeremiah's Automotive in Heath, OH is here to help you choose the right one. There are a variety of replacement options when it comes to engines.

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